Father - Suicide Party (feat. Slug Christ, KeithCharles Spacebar) (Official Music Video)


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Directed by Sia R Duke, Mike Ellwood and Father

JP Villa - Hydrogen (Official Video)

Shot and Edited by JP Villa

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Slug † Christ - Hollywood feat. Archibald Slim (Official Music Video)

rom the EP "I Feel the Sadness in my Legs and the Happy in my Head"



UNDA - Lost In Translation


Slug † Christ And LuiDiamonds- HECTOR

Off Lui and Slug's Collab EP "An Appointment with Hector" produced by LuiDiamonds. 

Directed by Sia R Duke 


UNDA - Can I Paint You {music video}
Song Written Produced by UNDA . 
Directed Photographed by Sheldon Wong Schwartz
Electric Guitar by Drew McCreadie

Filmed on a Canon 50d in Magic Lantern Raw

JP Villa - F*ck Me While I'm Faded


Visuals by Director and VJ Christopher Andrew

JP Villa -FMWIF from "After We Meet" EP

UNDA - Tomorrow Never Comes (Official Music Video)

Directed by Mike Ellwood

Starring Joelle Michaela Davis and UNDA

Dwnld UNDA's Tomorrow Never Comes EP :

                              HeRobust - Late Night/Morning After Promo               

Music by Herobust

video edited by Mike Ellwood

shot by Krista Slavik

JP Villa - Pretty Lady (Fumiko) 16mm

Shot on 16mm with a Bolex. Transferred with 1CCD ELMO bullshiiiii
Directed shot edit by Sia R Duke

Time Wharp - mdat (feat. Divine Interface) (Live @ LFE)

Time Wharp & Divine Interface performing "mdat" live at Left Field Experiment

 featuring Tyler Randall on Sitar

shot by JP Villa

REKchampa Live @ "LEANED"

"LEANED" is a new event which takes place in a renovated barber shop in East Atlanta

shot edit by JP Villa

JP Villa vs HeRobust Live Improv

A live improv performance by JP Villa (Drums) and heRobust @ 529 in Est Atlanta

Good Vibes////Good Friends////Psychotic HoolaHoopers

Shot edit by Sia R duke

Life Times Life Presents: UNDA - Blurry Oranges

Filmed in Japan, Savannah, Georgia by Yuma Watanabe (Life x Life) @og_yoda

Syburnette's Time Capsule Promo

Shot and edited by Rduke

UNDA Performing in Live Battle @ Drake Underground 

Unda (aka Undaground Tha Illest) performs a 100% live, on the spot beat at Sound Battle Royale. In the first challenge we were told to sample and flip the classic "Synthetic Substitution" by Melvin Bliss. We had two minutes to create a new one in front of the crowd.

This is the end result.

Video shot by Kareem Hendrix of